Put on your dancin' shoes!

Vancouver Island Cajun band, Bijoux Du Bayou, brings high-energy music combining Cajun, Zydeco, Swing, Calypso, and a few other flavors to create a sound that would make the Amish want to do the Bugaloo!

From fast-paced infectious tunes to a slow lovers' waltz, you'll love Bijoux Du Bayou's debut CD Canajun Pardi Gras and the follow-up Because We Can.

Come in and visit Bijoux Du Bayou - the "Jewels of the Swamp".

Bijoux Reviews!

"Hard to believe these fellows didn't grow up sucking crayfish on the shores of Lake Ponchartrain. They can play and write Cajun and Zydeco with the best of them. Even more impressive is that their performances are drenched in the good humor and joie de vivre that the music is famous for."

Jeff Weaver. CBC Radio, Victoria. B.C.

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Bijoux News

Join Bijoux and A Streetcar Named New Orleans for a Louisiana brunch and dance Sunday, August 24, 11 am - 2 pm at the Cambie, 856 Esquimalt Road.
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Check out the band at Providence Farm last summer! (More clips on the Sounds page.)

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Free music!
Here's a free MP3 of Zydeco Baby, from Because We Can.



Bijoux Du Bayou